Andrew Lee Fielding

Andrew Fielding is the author of The Lucky Strike Papers  (BearManor Media, 2007), a non-fiction book about the late 1940s and early 1950s period of early television.  The book focuses on the television programs on which Fielding's late mother, singer Sue Bennett, was featured--such as NBC's Your Hit Parade (also known as The Lucky Strike Hit Parade), Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge, and The Freddy Martin Show. 

Coming Soon:  A Revised Edition of the book.

Mr. Fielding's writing has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, The Boston Herald, The Philadelphia Daily News, Horizon Magazine, and other publications.  

He has worked as a radio talk show host in Philadelphia, suburban Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Virginia, and Northern New Jersey.  Most recently, he was, for three years, the host of an online nostalgia-oriented talk show.

  Writer and Radio Talk Show Host

Merv Griffin, Sue Bennett, and Murray Arnold, singing on The Freddy Martin Show, NBC-TV, 1951

Sue Bennett, on cover of Omaha TV magazine, 1950